Historical Facts about Arlington High School

1902: Local schools taken over by city from Carlisle Military Academy.

1903 – Texas Legislative Act creating the Arlington ISD passed in July.

1904- 1922: High School, comprised of grades 8 through 11, met at the South Side School which also housed 1st - 7th grades.  North Side School had 1st through 7th.

1905: First graduating class of the High School made up of five girls. [names are on back of photo in trophy case]

1908: First graduating class with boys

1922: Arlington High School built on Cooper and Abram, separating grades 8 – 11 separating from first seven grades

1923: Arlington High students chose Colts as the school mascot and the colors of green and white, replacing the former icons—the Yellow Jackets, black and gold.

FOOTNOTE:  Bill Bardin tells this story of the day the mascot and colors were selected. He was a junior that year and one senior was planning to go to SMU (who are, of course, the Mustangs) so he suggested Colts. The students agreed and voted it the winner.  When Bill returned to class after the assembly, his history teacher, Miss Cravens (or Mrs., not sure. Tom C would know), told the class to remember the date, March 5, 1923, because the naming of the mascot and the colors would be more important to them than the War of 1812. Bill did as he was told. He remembered the date.

1923-1924: AHS had a girls’ basketball team with uniforms of bloomers, middy blouses with tie, stockings and Converse high top shoes. [names on back of photo in trophy case].

1942: A twelfth grade was added to the high school format for children beginning school that year. Students already in school simply skipped a grade. Beverly Reynolds remembers going from 4th to 6th grade.

1947: Hooker Vandergriff bought the Colt Band its first uniforms

1949 - Dean Corey, Jane Ellis came to AHS

1950: First live Little Arlie; “Sons of the White & Green” composed by Jane Ellis/Dean Corey

**** - Miss Ellic Men's Glee Cub generated the C-C-C OL  L-L-L TS chant which undergirds fight song.     

FOOTNOTE: This bit of Colt History came to us from Jannette Workman, '54

November 2,1950 - Tommy Vandergriff presented to the AHS student body a mascot - a white Shetland pony.
The student body was encouraged to enter a contest to name this little mascot.  Reba Davis Walker, Class '53, suggested the name of "Little Arlie" and that became the name of the little white Shetland pony. 

November 7, 1950, the Student Council chose Hugh Ross, Bobby Burnett and Dave Hurn to handle and care for "Little Arlie" at all of the football games and important school activities.

November 10, 1950, "Little Arlie" was presented at half-time during the championship game with Pleasant Grove.  AHS won that game 22-0.  Reba remembers going out on the field at half time when "Little Arlie" was presented to the students at AHS and to the citizens of Arlington.

Thought you might would like to know this little tidbit about an important tradition of AHS.
Workman, '54

1956: Last class to graduate from AHS on Cooper and Abram

1957: First class to graduate from AHS on Park Row

1958: Old AHS reopens as Ousley Junior High, 8th grade only

1963: Last class to graduate when Arlington High was city’s only high school. Sam Houston High opens in fall 1963.

1964: Last class to graduate all of the city’s seniors. Junior class is split between the two schools.

1965: Graduating seniors at two high schools for the first time

1968: Ousley campus is sold to the college; junior high relocated to Bailey Junior High on Bowen

Circa 1985: Logo with sideways horseshoe representing the “C” in Colts designed by a student. Principal James Crouch introduces slogan, “How Sweet It Is To Be In Colt Country.”

1987: Run of nine straight football playoff appearances begins.

1997: Class of 2001 enters as freshmen, first freshmen class in 40 years.

2004: Arlington High School Centennial

2008: Principal, James Adams retires after serving AISD for 38 years.
Jennifer Young selected to serve as AHS Principal.

 2014: July - Faculty, staff and Alumni learn that Jennifer Young has resigned as Principal of Arlington High School.

2014: Sept - Shahveer Dhalla name Principal of AHS

A review of the beginning of the AHS Alumni Association - beginning in 1995.








*E. C. Westerman

*John R. Covery

*R.C. Ward

*John A. Kooken

*H.E. Stoker

*W. R. (Ross) Wimblish 

M. M. Young

* James Martin
1945- 1955

John Webb
1955 – 1970

* James Crouch
1970 – 1985

Jerry McCullough
1985 – 1988

Bob Burgin
1988 – 1993

James Adams
1993 - 2008

Jennifer Young
2008 - 2014

Shahveer Dhalla
- 2021

Stacie Humbles



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